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Starting a Bright Lights Group

Bright Lights Conferences

Bright Lights Groups

Other Miscellaneous Questions

Starting a Bright Lights Group

How do I start a Bright Lights group?

If you would like to start a Bright Lights group, we suggest that you attend a Leaders Training conference or purchase the Leaders Training Kit.

The Leaders Training Kit costs $90.00 and includes the following:
—12 CDs (all the sessions from the Leaders Training conference)
—One Leader’s manual (including “Teachers Sheets” to go along with each lesson)
—One copy of Bright Lights Discipleship Package 1 (binder and Sets 1-5 and 5 supplement CDs)

For more information, or to order the Leaders Training Kit please Click Here

Once you go through the Leaders conference or kit, you can fill out an application in order to become an official Bright Lights group.

What topics are covered on the Leaders Training CDs?

— How to Start a Bright Lights Group
— The Purpose and Concepts behind Bright Lights
— An Overview of the Bright Lights Material
— How to Lead an Effective Bright Lights Meeting
— A Pattern for Discipleship
— Offense of the Cross
— Where Do I Start? (How to Develop a Ministry)
— How to Write a Lesson
— Seven Practical Ways to Reach the Hearts of Young Ladies
— Principles of Ministry
— The Leader’s Responsibility
— Helpful Suggestions and Ideas
— The Rewards and Demands of the Ministry
— How to Deal With Special Situations
— Five Areas to Develop if You Want to Be Successful

Why should I become an “official” Bright Lights group?

The goal of the Bright Lights ministry is to train and equip mothers and young ladies to disciple younger girls. One of the ways we encourage them to do this is by starting small discipleship groups. There is now a network of about 650 “official” Bright Lights groups that have started across the country.

If you would like to use the name Bright Lights, we ask that you go through the Leaders Training and send in an application. In an effort to maintain high biblical standards in each individual Bright Lights group, we desire that groups understand our goals and convictions, sign our statement of faith, and are committed to abiding by the principles on which Bright Lights was originally founded.

Another reason that we ask groups to register as official groups is because it is exciting to be able to stay in touch with all of them, share ideas and prayer requests, and hear encouraging reports of what God is doing. We also send out occasional updates to all the Bright Lights leaders.

Also, if you send in your application, then we’ll know about your group, feel confident that we can wholeheartedly recommend your group to others, and be able to pass on your contact information to others from your state who are interested in finding out about local Bright Lights groups.

For leaders who have registered as official groups we offer special discount prices for materials for their group.

How old do you have to be to begin a Bright Lights group?

We suggest that a girl should be at least 15 years old to lead a group.

If there is 13 or 14  year old girl who would like to start a group, perhaps she and her mother could start out leading the group together. Then as the girl gets older she could gradually take over more and more of the responsibility of leadership.

Can Mothers Lead Bright Lights Groups?

Yes, there are quite a few groups led by mothers and we have been getting very encouraging reports from them.

If it is possible, it is nice is to have the example of an older girl so that the girls in the group can look up to her and see that there are older girls choosing to follow the Lord and not just adults. But if there are no older girls in your area to lead a group, it is certainly fine for mothers to lead. As the group continues, often some older girls in the group can begin taking leadership.

Can you use the Bright Lights material as a Sunday school curriculum?

Yes you can. Quite a few churches have been using it as a Sunday school curriculum and we have been getting good reports from them.

What ages should Bright Lights be for?

Sarah started her group for girls age 10-13. We believe this age to be extremely important. Once a girl begins coming to our Bright Lights group, she is welcome to stay as long as she would like. Presently, our group has young ladies in their twenties still attending. The older ones assist as leaders and examples, and the material presented is applicable to the older girls as well as to the younger ones.

You can be flexible depending on your age and situation. If you are only 15, you may want to start your group for 9-11 year olds. If you want to focus on girls a little older, perhaps 12-15 year olds, you would find that the material would still be very applicable and can easily be adjusted for older girls.

How often should a Bright Lights group meet?

Obviously it varies for each group, but meeting twice a month is what has worked the best for us. In most cases, it seems like meeting every week gets to be too much—especially for the leader, but also for the girls. It’s easy to get burned out if you have to plan a meeting every single week. Once a month, on the other hand, doesn’t seem quite often enough. With so much time passing between each meeting, it’s harder to keep the momentum going and it’s harder for the girls to remember what they talked about in previous lessons.

What is the normal schedule of a Bright Lights meeting?

Our meetings are 2 ½ hours long, but most groups meet for a little less time (such as 2 hrs). You might want to start with a 1 ½ or 2 hour meeting, and then increase the length of your meetings if you decide that you need more time.

The schedule of a Bright Lights meeting might look something like this:
6:00-6:30 Singing
6:30-7:15The Lesson
7:15-8:00 Activity (reading a biography, memorizing Scripture, having small group discussions, and doing various activities that reinforce the lesson)
8:00-8:15 Fellowship with tea and snacks

Do you have a brochure that I could use to advertise Bright Lights in my area?

Yes, we do have a brochure that shares some general information about what Bright Lights is, how it started, and the vision and purpose of this ministry. Let us know if you would like us to e-mail you a PDF of this brochure. To advertise your group, you can just include a little insert with your own information, or you can get ideas from this brochure and make your own.

Who should I invite?

When Sarah started her group, she made some brochures and sent them out to Christian girls she knew. She wrote a note to some of their parents explaining the purpose of the group and asking if they would be interested in their daughters participating. By doing this, we were able to start out with a core of serious Christian girls who genuinely wanted to learn. They were not necessarily all girls with strong convictions or from strong families, but the majority of them were serious about their walk with the Lord and desiring to grow. This is what we recommend—starting with a core group of serious believers. But we do encourage you to keep your group open to anyone the Lord brings. Soon the girls in our group began to invite their friends. Eventually, even a few unbelievers began to attend. Yet, because of the “core group” of original girls, the atmosphere remained one of strong, godly fellowship and peer pressure. The new girls were “pulled up”—rather than the others being “pulled down.” In our group, we pray that the Lord would bring the girls He wants to be there. So when someone new comes, we assume that God brought her for a particular reason.

What if I don’t know any strong Christian girls to invite?

Not every group will be able to start as ours did with positive peer pressure from influences within the group. If you do not know of any godly girls to invite, do not let this keep you from beginning a group. It may be that you will be the only positive influence in the group – or at least it may start out that way.

What if I don’t even know any Christians to invite?

You can still start a Bright Lights group, but it will be a much different group with a different focus. The purpose will first of all be evangelism—then discipleship. We suggest that you still use the Bright Lights booklets, but that you supplement it with a lot of basic Bible teaching (Bible stories, learning the books of the Bible, memorization, basic doctrine, etc.) and that you include the gospel in some way in every meeting.

How do I maintain positive peer pressure?

Seek to continually maintain a spiritual emphasis. It’s nice to have humor, activities, and fellowship, but do not let yourself lose focus. If you keep the spiritual teaching primary, it will attract the girls who are seeking the Lord and not interest the ones who are not. We have found that the girls who have no interest in spiritual things soon drop out of the group. This is okay. Bright Lights isn’t meant for them. Also, encourage the ones who are doing well, and help them to see the importance of their example. Give them specific ideas about how they can influence the other girls to do right.

We’re not saying that you won’t have any negative influences. We always seem to have at least a few girls in my group who must be watched closely. :-) If God has brought them, and if they continue coming, we must assume that He has a purpose for them to be there. Other girls also need to realize that they should see the ministry opportunities right within the group.

What if I just started going to a new church and can’t get a pastor’s signature?

We would encourage you to try to become an “official” Bright Lights group if you are able. The reason for the pastor’s signature is because we want to encourage people to have a working relationship with their church and also so that we can have a character reference. But if you’re hesitant to approach your pastor at this time, it would be fine to have a character reference from an elder in your church or a godly friend to whom you are accountable. Usually pastors seem to be happy to give a character reference. Your pastor doesn’t need to think of it as a “ministry of the church” necessarily, but just that you feel called to disciple younger girls. All Christians are called to make disciples. If the pastor sees it as something “in addition” to church functions and not in competition with them, hopefully he’ll be excited about it. Also, it is extremely beneficial to have your church family committed to praying for this ministry.

Bright Lights Conferences

How do I find out when there are conferences scheduled and where they are going to be located?

To see our schedule click here.

How can I set up a conference in my area?

E-mail us atstaff@brightlights.info and we’ll send you more information about what’s involved with hosting a conference.

What is the difference between a Strong in the Lord Conference and a Radiant Purity Conference?

The Strong in the Lord Conference is for mothers and daughters ages 8-14. It is designed to challenge girls to seek the Lord with all their hearts and use the years of their youth for Him. It covers topics such as Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, Giving Your Heart to Your Parents, Keeping Yourself Pure from Polluting Influences, and Developing a Disciplined Walk With God.

The Radiant Purity Conference conference is for mothers and daughters ages 12-22, encouraging them to delight in the Lord as they wait for God’s best in marriage. It gives practical advice on topics such a guarding your heart, modesty, dealing with crushes, keeping thoughts pure, using your single years for the Lord, understanding the dangers of the dating system and emotional purity.

To view our schedule of upcoming conferences click here.

Bright Lights Groups

How do I find out if there is a Bright Lights group in my area?

This map shows the locations of all the Bright Lights groups that have started. If you find a group in your area, email us at staff@brightlightsministry.com and give us the city and group number of the group closest to you. Then we will email you with the contact info for the leader.

Can I use the Bright Lights material with just my daughter instead of in a group setting?

Yes! The Bright Lights material is designed to be used either in a group or as a one-on-one discipleship curriculum. If there is no group in your area and you do not feel like you are able to lead one yourself at this time, we recommend that you use the Bright Lights program as a discipleship curriculum with your daughter.

We suggest that once a week you have a special mother-daughter time, read through one booklet aloud together, discuss it, pray together, listen to the section of the CD which goes along with that lesson (approximately ten minutes), and determine ways both of you can be applying this topic to your life this week.

The other sections of the notebook (daily growth, my stories, and resources) are for the young lady to use to keep personal records. You and your daughter may want to hold each other accountable for daily disciplines. You may also want to help your daughter write testimonies or assign them as a school project.

What are the supplement CDs for?

There is a supplement CD included with every set. This contains stories and testimonies to go along with each lesson. The CDs help girls get a better grasp of the truth presented because they not only read the lesson, but are able to hear testimonies that reinforce it. Listening to the CD makes young ladies feel more like they are a part of the ministry and gives them a better taste of the vision and spirit of Bright Lights. It is also especially powerful for girls to hear other young ladies sharing their desire to be strong in the Lord as well as their struggles in their own Christian walk.

How many sets do you have available right now?

Right now there are eight sets in print. For more information about the lessons that are included in each set please Click Here

Other Miscellaneous Questions:

Do you have any materials like Bright Lights for boys?

Right now Mr. Mally is working on materials for boys. Pray that we will be able to make it available soon.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do. Please contact us at staff@brightlightsministry.com if your country is not listed on our online store.

How can I learn more about chalk drawing?

See www.eternityarts.com

I’m interested in buying a harp, what harps do you recommend?

The Mallys started with a lever harp from Hidden Valley Harps.
Their website is www.hiddenvalleyharps.com

What church do the Mallys attend?

The Mallys attend Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel, a non denominational, independent church which is similar to a Bible church. To read the Bright Lights statement of faith click here.