About the Mallys
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mally_familyHarold and Rebekah Mally and their three children, Sarah (age 34), Stephen (age 28), and Grace (age 24), are in full time Christian work with the primary emphasis of encouraging and strengthening other families in the Lord. They began homeschooling in 1990 and attend Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

In 1996, Sarah began leading a young ladies discipleship group called Bright Lights. This ministry which began in her living room has now expanded across the country. As of 2013, about 600 groups have started in 46 different states and 10 countries. Bright Lights hosts “Strong in the Lord” and “Radiant Purity Conferences” for mothers and daughters, trains and equips leaders of Bright Lights groups, and provides discipleship materials for young ladies.

In 2002, Sarah, Stephen and Grace published Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. In 2007, Sarah published Before You Meet Prince Charming. The two books combined have sold about 85,000 copies.

Tomorrow’s Forefathers is the “umbrella” name for the Mally family’s ministry. It is their goal to see the coming generation rise up as strong men and women of God. The Mallys continue to speak at home school conferences, lead Bright Lights conferences, publish discipleship materials, and run “Noah’s Archive” —a bookstore to provide resources for families in their community.


The Mally’s Start and Purpose

Tomorrow’s Forefathers was started because of the many faithful individuals God used to encourage and teach the Mallys and correct their wrong attitudes toward family.  Harold and Rebekah did not realize the wonderful plan God designed.  They unconsciously did not believe Psalm 127 that tells us “children are an heritage of the LORD” and “happy (blessed) is the man that hath his quiver full.”  But after God taught them some difficult lessons, brought a number of faithful believers to teach them important new convictions, and then used home schooling to literally change their lives, they became excited about encouraging and helping other families as they had been helped.

As their three children (Sarah, Stephen and Grace) grew, the five of them became a team dedicated to the Lord’s work--especially in this area of strengthening families.  They discovered how God gives each family different gifts and abilities to fulfill their different assignments.  It is exciting to see how God arranges and blends families, every member having different abilities but each contributing exactly what the family needs for the tasks before them.

A major emphasis of their ministry is that of family discipleship.  The main chore of every parent is not academics and good grades but to disciple his children; that is, to bring them to full maturity in Christ.  Parents cannot depend on Sunday school, Christian school, youth group, or anyone else to meet this need.  It must happen in the family.  Parents are the main shepherds.  To accomplish this requires ministry as a family team.  It is thrilling to see more and more families having ministry together as teams and using their homes as “ministry centers”. Without a ministry mindset parents cannot achieve this most important objective.  And because there are so many pressures and enemies in our culture parents need encouragement, vision and tools.

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